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Battodo, like Iaido, is a Japanese sword art that revolves around drawing cutting and returning the sword to the saya in an efficient, graceful fashion.  Battodo in this country also has the connotation of actually cutting targets with a live Japanese sword (katana).  In 2002, Richard Babin, a sandan in Iaido affiliated with the then newly formed US Federation of Battodo in Orlando, FL and began a study group associated with the Memphis Aiki Kai.  The curriculum consists of formal drawing and cutting kata specific to the All Japan Battodo Federation as well as cutting drills and practice using rolled tatami mats.  Classes are once a month in a convenient Memphis location.  Members participate in the USFB taikai and seminars in Florida.  Four have attained Shodan under the USFB and one, Nidan.  A highlight of the group was the visit of Hataya Matsuo Sensei, Kyudan and Keisho of the All Japan Battodo Federation and the All Japan Toyama Ryu Iaido Federation in the Spring of 2007.  He is in the center of the group picture above with the sword and gray hakama.



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